Nikki & The Purple Monster

This my very own Children’s Book that I wrote and illustrated. The story is about a child named Nikki who struggles in life insecurities. Not only does she not do well in school, academically, she also has a hard time making friends. However, there is this purple monster that follows her around and he keeps her company. However, the more Nikki focuses on her insecurities the bigger he becomes.


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Singapore Population
These are characters that I designed using Adobe Photoshop.



Love Letter

Whether it is Valentine’s day or not.You can always continue to spread love to those around you.


The Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Goddess of the Forest selfishly takes away the Lighthouse of Alexandria so that she can use its light to make the forest flourish.


The Year of the Rooster 2017

This to usher in the year of the rooster.We wish all of your family and friends another prosperous new year.